Mentee Criteria


Mentee Criteria

Are you a single woman or woman with children living in Clayton County and need assistance?  We would love to provide transitional services for you through VWLA!

1.All mentees (ages 18 and above) will be referred from Virtuous Women Life Academy Partners with CEO and Program Director’s approval.

2.All VWLA mentees must be free of any diagnosed mental illness, substance abuse or other health related issues.

3.Referrals to VWLA Resource Partners will be made to assist those in need

4.Mentees will be required to commit to a VWLA Mentee Agreement or be excused from the program with a 30 day notice.

5.Mentees will be required to consistently follow through with VWLA Mentee Agreement to develop/participate in:

a)Spiritual Enrichment Plan

b)Career & Job Placement

c)Education & Vocation Coaching

d)Financial & Retirement Planning