Spiritual Enrichment


Spiritual Enrichment

The Purpose Driven Life


-To inspire mentees to begin seeking their purpose in life.A 40 – Day Guide to What On Earth Am I Here For?

Program Coordinators

-June Wood


  • Small Group (1-10)
  • Six to Eight weeks – one hour Conference Call


-“The Purpose Driven Life …What on Earth Am I Here For?” Book & Workbook($14.99) Conference Call Phone Number

Measure of Success

-Increase of focus in self confidence and life.


Measures of Success

Stable housing, mental health & other Resource Referrals # of referrals
Life Plans #  Life Plans developed and tracked
Mentoring Participation # participation in support groups; 1-1 mentoring assessments
Inspiration Participation # of participants, conference calls, scheduled events
Education Referrals # acquired GED, certificates, degrees
Employment and/or entrepreneurship Referrals # full time jobs, # entrepreneurs
Life Skills Workshop Participation # of participants
Community Service (church, non-profit) # of volunteers/participants
Self-Support Improvements # no longer need Social Services